The most shocking game in World Cup history

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Brazil destroyed


If you were watching last night’s Brazil vs Germany game, you probably feel the same as we do this morning. Absolutely speechless.

Last night’s absolute demolishing of Brazil has proved to be one of the (if not THE) most shocking games on World Cup history. We certainly have never seen a spectacle such as the German destruction of Brazil last night. And while many believed that the Germans would own, no one ever expected them to win like they did.

7 – 1. That was the final score for what is sure to be a historic match. There really isn’t much to say about the game, besides the fact that the Brazilians played an unbelievably bad game and the Germans went in for the kill.

However, in the first few minutes of the game, the Brazilians did give us a glimmer of hope, looking strong and on form. Yes, they were missing their captain, Thiago Silva as well as their wunderkind striker, Neymar, but it looked as if their disadvantage would only edge them on further. Guess not.

The first nail in the Brazilian coffin came in the 11th minute when Thomas Müller scored the opening goal.

Sure, that was fine – now the Brazilians will just have to work harder we thought. But unfortunately that first nail seemed to crack the team – a crack that would later become a gaping hole in the Brazilian defense (and attack for that matter).

Fast forward another 11 minutes or so, and Mirsoloav Klose scores again in the 23rd minute. Not only putting the Germans in the lead 2 – 0 but also placing himself in the record books as the player with the most goals scored at any World Cup. this was his 16th goal. To make matters even worse for the Brazilians, the previous record was held by one of their own, Ronaldo.

The next few minutes was utter chaos, destruction and simply unbelievable. This is what happened:  (more…)

World Cup: Brazil prepare to take on Germany, sans Neymar & Silva

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neymar injured

It was a joyous yet sombre occasion for Brazil last Friday when they made it through to the semi finals but also had to bid farewell to their star strike, Neymar. And now the host nation’s team has been dealt another blow as their captain, Thiago Silva, will also not be playing in tonight’s semi final.

Brazil will take on Germany tonight in what is undoubtedly one of the fiercest semi-final’s we will get to see this week.

However, Brazil will have to face the German’s not only without their poster boy and all-round good luck charm, Neymar, but also without the skills of their captain, Thiago Silva. FIFA has reheated an appeal brought on by the Brazilian team opposing the referee’s decision to give Silva a yellow card in their winning game against Colombia last Friday.

Now the Brazilians are without two of their favorites – but that doesn’t mean that the determined team won’t go for gold tonight. (more…)

World Cup: Weekend Highlights

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brazil penalty shoot outs

If you are as obsessed with the World Cup as we are, then we;re pretty sure you also spent a good amount of time in front of your television screen over the weekend.

Another weekend at the World Cup has come and gone, and this one served up some of the most nail-biting, enthralling, edge-of-your-seat moments that we have seen to date in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Starting things off was perhaps the most nail-biting moment of the World Cup thus far. It was Brazil against Chile in a Top 8 knock out game on Saturday, and, as much as the Brazilians thought they had this one in the bag, it turned out to be a stunner.

Within the first 20 minutes of the game, however, it did seem as though Brazil were off to a good start. One of their star players, David Luiz, secured the game’s first goal, taking the score 1 – 0 to Brazil. Naturally, the home crowd went absolutely wild – but things would soon change n the stadium as well as at various fan park’s across the country.

Alexis Sanchez was the man that shattered Brazilian hopes and made the nation gasp as he scored an equalizer in the 32nd minute. But, as confident as the Brazilians seemed to be, that confidence seemed to fade as the rest of the match produced no more goals, leaving the two South American teams tied at one all.

Now this is where things got really exciting.  (more…)

Brazil wins opening match of the World Cup…obviously

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So the 2014 FIFA World Cup has finally kicked off and it’s safe to say that this year’s tournament is going to be full of surprises if last night’s opening game was anything to go by.

The night kicked off the traditional opening ceremony. And well, it wasn’t that amazing after all. People were expecting a Carnivale-like extravaganza and instead we got some watered down concert with dancing flowers and acrobatic soccer balls.

The highlight of the ceremony was Jennifer Lopez, Claudia Leitte and Pitbull’s performance – although Pitbull’s tight white pants got more attention than anything else.

Moving along to the actual game – that was way more exciting the opening ceremony anyway.  (more…)

Finally! The 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off today

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brazil wc

The day had finally arrived! As football fans and all-round sport lovers, we have waited for this day since the 2010 World Cup ended right here on South African soil four years ago.

This year’s big event, is taking place (as we all know too well) in a country that is renowned for its love of football and exuberant celebrations. Thus, we are thoroughly excited for today’s opening ceremony and kick off match.

If the Rio carnival is anything to go by, we can be sure to expect lots of feathers, lots of glitter and lots of dancing in tonights opening ceremony. As for the first game of the tournament, Brazil vs Croatia, we’re also pretty sure who we would put our money on. (more…)

The luckiest kid in South Africa

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Last night, Bafana Bafana took on Brazil in a friendly game at the FNB stadium in Soweto. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Bafana’s best performance ever. In fact, it was probably one of their worst.

The South African national side lost the game 5 – 0. And needless to say, left the field with copious amounts of egg on their face.

However, one South African that did not leave the stadium feeling embarrassed or sad, was one (terribly cute) 8 or 9 year old boy. The boy, who was all decked out in a Springbok jersey, decided that after the game, he would go meet his hero. The only problem is, his hero is Brazilian star striker Neymar, and he was still on the field. (more…)

Brazil Wins Confederations Cup – Again

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brazil wins

It was a magical evening in Brazil last night, as the host nation won the coveted Confederations Cup in front of an extremely excited home crowd.

The proud crowd (mostly decked out in yellow t-shirts) created a wonderful environment for their team to tackle Spain in, but it was intense focus Brazil displayed in the first few minutes that sent the ball rolling their way and ended in a 3-0 victory for the hosts. (more…)